5 Tips To Pack Like a Pro

The end of August into September is a time of change. The weather grows a little cooler, school starts up again and some look to sell their homes.

Whether you’re heading off to college or selling your home, you will likely have a lot of packing to do. We’ve assembled some tips to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

packing tips

Create a Checklist

Before you begin packing, you’ll want to create a checklist to organize yourself. If you’re not one to carry around a notepad, create a note on your phone or use apps like Ever-note or Google Keep. People generally keep their phones on hand at almost all times these days. Having a note on your phone is an easy way to stay organized.  Organize the list based on priority, packing up the rooms you use the least first, then working your way up to highly trafficked areas, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Last on your list, you’ll want to have a bag that you’ll bring with you on moving day that contains all of your essentials.

Start Early

To avoid stress, start packing as early as possible. Instead of packing everything up a few days before, pack in phases or by room, which is an easy way to keep yourself motivated and avoid burnout.

Packing Supplies Help Get The Job Done

When you’re moving, packing supplies will become your best friend. Use a combination of larger and smaller boxes (using smaller boxes for heavier items). Newspapers, packing tape, bubble wrap and labeling materials are beneficial. You can even use old clothes as padding if you don’t want to spend money on bubble wrap and packing paper. To avoid frustration later on, label each of your boxes to make moving in much more efficient.

Alternatively, if you could use a bit of help packing, some companies offer packing and moving services. At U and Me Moving, our team will pack your valuables accordingly to ensure that your items arrive in the same condition they left in.

Know Some Packing Hacks

When packing your items, you will want to maximize the amount of space you have. When packing dishes, it is common for people to stack their dishes horizontally into a box. Instead, pack your dishes vertically, rather than horizontally inside of a box. Wrap bowls and plates with padding and stack them inside a box like records on a shelf. Use the empty spaces for cutlery and utensils. Here’s a few other tips:

  • Pack hanging clothes in trash bags. Wrap the garbage bag over the clothes and tie it at the top of the hanger. This saves time by eliminating the need to remove the clothes off the hanger, fold it, pack it and then start all over again when you’ve moved.
  • Use saran wrap for liquids. For shampoo bottles or dish soap, wrap saran wrap before placing the cap back on to prevent spillage.
  • Check to see if you have the original boxes for your electronics. If you don’t, you can always wrap a comforter around larger items to protect them.

Hire a Moving Company

They often say that an extra set of hands makes light work. This is especially true when it comes to moving. Hiring a moving company reduces stress and makes the moving experience a lot easier. Make sure you call in advance to schedule a day, as moving companies can get busy on weekends or peak times.

To find out more about U and Me Moving or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today or send us a message online.