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U & ME MOVING & STORAGE acts as agent for interior decorators, home owners, condominiums, cooperatives, professionals, government agencies and others.

Short-Term Storage

How can you determine your storage needs?

At U & Me Moving, we provide both short-term and long-term storage solutions. We’ll assist with your move every step of the way, and store your important belongings until you’re ready to retrieve them again. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences in deciding which route would be more beneficial for you or your business.


Short-Term Storage is Ideal if:

  • There is a delay between your closing date and move-in date. Take advantage of our “storage-in-transition” program where your contents remain securely in the moving truck until move-in day.
  • You’re trying to sell your house. Staging experts often recommend you clear a portion of your belongings out so your home does not appear cluttered.
  • A friend or family member has given you furniture or other items – and you won’t have room in your home until after you move.
  • You have to move to your new city or province before the home you’re buying or renting is available. This usually means you have to stay temporarily in a smaller apartment or extended stay hotel.

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