5 Ways To Keep Critters Out of Your Storage Unit

As the seasons begin to shift and the temperatures grow cooler, you may be considering putting your items into storage for a number of reasons.

Whether you’re moving homes or tidying up your place to prepare for renovations, there’s a factor often forgotten but equally important: pest proofing your items.

The last thing you would want to find are chewed items in your storage unit, or that a critter has made a home out of your prized possessions.

Keeping Critters Out of storage Units

We’ve outlined some strategies to prevent pests from making a home out of your storage unit.

Pack Items in Airtight Totes

A key to prevention is pro-activity. Before moving your items into storage, make sure you pack them up in an airtight container. Plastic containers are best for linens, fabrics and clothing.

If you’ve decided to pack up your items into boxes, make sure you choose new boxes. Old boxes can become worn down over time, whereas new boxes won’t have gaps or holes that pests will be able to break into. If you don’t want to pay for new boxes, some retail stores will give them away for free. However, if you’re planning on putting those items into storage, avoid choosing boxes from restaurants or grocery stores where there could still be traces of food.

Don’t Store Food in Your Storage Unit

This tip is an obvious one, but is sometimes forgotten in the middle of a hectic move. Storing any kind of food in a storage unit is ill-advised and could attract rodents into your unit. Even before taking your items to your storage unit, check to see if there’s any food left anywhere unintentionally, like in the crevasses of your couch or any crumbs left in kitchen storage containers. Also, try not to eat in your storage unit at all to avoid leaving crumbs or remnants of food.

Elevate Your Items Off The Ground When Possible

Leaving your items on the ground can leave them more susceptible to bugs or rodents crawling inside and making a new home. Use open shelving or place clean pallets on the ground to elevate your items. This will deter pests but will also prevent moisture damage.

Cover Any Furniture For Added Protection

Bed bugs are a homeowners worst nightmare. A bed bug infestation at a storage unit typically occurs when a renter brings in an infested mattress. Before bringing in any mattresses, ensure that they are free of any insects and wrap them up in a plastic mattress cover. For any upholstered furniture, wrap it in plastic to deter bugs from burrowing inside. Don’t wrap it too tightly though, as that can cause moisture build up.

Store Your Items in A Safe Storage Unit

When selecting a storage facility, you will want to ensure that your storage unit is secure and well-maintained.

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