Moving Over the Christmas Holidays? Here are Some Key Tips

If your new home is awaiting your arrival this holiday season, you may have all sorts of emotions going on. How in the world are you going to get everything done on top of shopping, and how will you recruit help during such a busy time? Don’t fret; with proper planning and a positive mindset, you can get through the moving process with ease and yes, even excitement!

Christmas holiday moving

Here’s How:

Only pack what’s necessary

Sure, it may seem easier to pack everything up and sort through it once you’re situated in your new spot but this can make the move more challenging and unorganized in the end.  Rather, consider all of your personal items and only take the things you absolutely love and need; donate or store the remaining items for simplicity. See it as an opportunity to rid of clutter but don’t want to store or donate it? Hold a garage sale. Less is definitely more when it comes to moving!

 Organize all documents

The majority of your documents won’t be needed right away, so you can pack these up easily for later.  With that said, if your kids will be attending a new school due to the move then make sure you have any records that are school-related on hand; these include immunization records and registration forms. However, if your children are switching schools, be sure to keep all school-related documents handy, such as immunization records. This will make those first couple weeks easier for you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance

It can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to have to pack up an entire house plus take on the task of actually moving. Add the Christmas holidays to the mix and it can be even more hectic. So, don’t worry about requesting some help from family, friends, and movers. Ask if they have extra boxes lying around; better yet, locate a trusted and local moving company you can turn to for moving supplies and services.

Hold a packing party

Encourage your friends and family members to help by offering some lunch and/or beverages to keep them happy and motivated!  When it comes time to pack, simply set some guidelines to make both packing and unpacking an easier and more straightforward process.

Label everything

When it comes to labeling boxes, be as detailed as you can so you know exactly what’s inside each and every box. If the box contains summer dresses, write that exactly; labeling it as “clothes” won’t help as you won’t need these clothes for the winter season.

Consider color coding each room

Along with labeling, consider color coding each room for easy maneuvering and box placement; (blue for the kitchen, yellow for the Livingroom, etc.). After, buy a pack of construction paper with each of the colors you’re using and tape each color on the box’s side. This will help you quickly sort through the boxes once you arrive.

Don’t forget to eat!

As you get caught up in your packing you will inevitably get hungry, but because no one will have the opportunity to cook, make sure you order something for delivery or pick-up.  Who doesn’t like a good pizza party? Have some healthy snacks on hand, water, and some munchies for those that need a quick bite to get them through until meal time.

Keep your flooring protected

You’re going to have a lot of people in and out of the house, which means tracking in dirt, water, and potentially mud depending on the weather. Make sure you lay cardboard down to make it more convenient with all the foot traffic, and to of course protect your flooring. The last thing you’ll want to do is clean your floors after you’ve finally found a moment to breathe a sigh of relief.

Keep it festive

For many homes, Christmas is a time where you settle in and decorate your home. Because you’re doing the exact opposite you may not have considered adding some minimal decorations. There’s no harm in some lights or garlands throughout your home to keep you festive and in the Christmas spirit while you pack up your belongings. If you keep these on the smaller scale it won’t take more than a couple minutes to toss these inside a nearly full box that also includes general house décor. Don’t forget the Christmas music as you prepare for moving day! Music always helps speed up the process and its fun, so why not!

It’s ok to celebrate Christmas after the fact

There might be a lot of pressure to celebrate Christmas only on December 25th, but there is no reason you can’t postpone your celebrations by a day or two when it works better for you and your family. Alternatively you can celebrate a few days before Christmas so that it doesn’t interfere with your move.  If you choose to celebrate following Christmas there are always deals and offers which you can’t go wrong with!

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