Having Trouble Selling Your Home? Check Out These Tips to Increase Curb Appeal

Selling a home is always a stressful venture and having fewer-than-wanted showings makes the process more stressful. Before going after your agent, have you stepped back and looked at the curb appeal of your home? Landscaping alone can create a positive first impression of a home simply passing by, and can increase the value of your property by up to 12%.

If you’re wondering whether the curb appeal of your home is hindering its ability to sell, or if you’re just interested in ways to improve the curb appeal of your existing home, consider these tips to improve the first impression your home leaves.

Upgrade the Lighting

Being a top most wanted outdoor feature for homes, exterior lighting can make a big impression. In addition to providing an appealing aesthetic at night time, outdoor lighting can make a home harder for burglars to target due to the increased perimeter visibility. It can also influence the vibe of the home; soft and warmer lighting tones can create a more welcoming vibe, while cooler lighting can create a modern impression. Tasteful and practical exterior lighting can go a long way to attracting (and turning off) potential buyers and visitors of your home.

Plant A Tree or Two

Another front yard piece that many people find appealing are trees! Mature trees are known to add value to a home and are often sought after by buyers. Although mature trees are not exactly possible to plant, adding a young tree or two (depending on the size of your yard) to the front of your home can create a positive impression.

Before planting, be mindful of the type of tree, required maintenance, and how the tree might grow into and above the ground.


Going beyond adding trees, the general shape of the landscaping in front of your home goes a long way to making an impression on potential buyers. Good landscaping can also increase the value of your home significantly, making it very possible to make your money back easily when it comes time to sell!

Give Your Doors Some Love

For many, the front door serves as the focal point for the front visual of a home. Having an updated or elegant front entrance can really leave a strong impression on viewers. In addition to front doors, garage doors also make a significant impression due to their large size. If your doors need some love, consider updating them before selling to help your home’s curb appeal!

How Are the Windows Looking?

If your windows are starting to look worse for wear, consider replacing them before selling. Peeling paint on window seams can stick out to some viewers and having fresh windows can help give your home a fresh look while leaving an impression on the maintenance and care put into your home.

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