Moving Day Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget About!

Moving can be a stressful as well as an exciting time in your life. There are so many factors to consider before moving, through until everything has been delivered to your home and every last box has been successfully unpacked. The great news is, with the right moving company helping you along the way, you can feel at ease in knowing that the process will be as smooth and as efficient as possible.

With that said, it is always smart to be prepared on moving day; there will no doubt be a lot on your mind and as a result it is easy for those moving day essentials to slip by the wayside. Ensuring you have quick access to items you use regularly and that will help you relax while you settle in, makes all of the difference in the world during a big move.

moving day essentials

Let’s look at some moving day essentials we highly recommend makes your list. We are certain you will be happy and thankful to have the below necessities, when the time comes!

So, what do they include?

Additional Boxes

Most people begin the packing process as early as possible, but there will always be items you can’t store away in boxes until the very last minute. Knowing this, always set aside at least 2 boxes for these “day of” essential items; the last thing you want to be dealing with is realizing you don’t have enough boxes on hand for your belongings.

Be sure to have a couple boxes on hand on move day for these things because you don’t want to have to rush to get more boxes.  If you are unsure of how many boxes you’ll need, you can always ask your moving company for advice and guidelines in relation to supplies. After all, they are the professionals and will have a good idea of exactly what you’ll benefit from in making your move easier.

First Aid Kit

This may not be at the top of your list, but it’s smart to have some basic first aid items available for you, your family or anyone else that is helping with the move. Something as simple as a paper cut can interrupt your move and be quite painful if not covered by a band aid. It is an easy and proactive way to be prepared just in case. Hopefully of course you don’t have to turn to it for anything, but peace of mind is worth it.

Basic Tool Kit Including Scissors

It may come as a surprise, but you can get plenty of little jobs done with some basic go-to tools, like a hammer, screwdriver and even pliers.  Having a few small tools with you as you arrive at your new home could help more than you know as there are usually a couple of items that require assembling. Remember to include a pair of scissors as well to get all those moving boxes opened with ease!

Utensils, Napkins, and Paper Towels

Chances are you’ll be ordering take-out for your first meal in your new home. With that said however, having utensils on hand is encouraged and always a good idea for those foods that are better eaten with the help of a knife or fork. Make sure you also have plenty of napkins or paper towels for messy, sticky fingers. If you have an accidental spill, you’ll want to catch it right away to prevent stains in your new kitchen.

Toilet Paper and Soap

At some point nature will be calling and at least one individual will need to use your washroom, so don’t forget this important item to have on hand!  In the same sense check that you’ve purchased travel sized soap or hand sanitizer at the very least for cleanliness. Tooth brushes should also be a part of this “bathroom essentials” box so you can wake up in the morning with fresh and clean breath after a hard day of work!

 Garbage Bags

Moving can quickly turn into a messy job, and you’ll likely come across some random odds and ends that are junk and need to be disposed of before you leave your old home. and you might Keep some garbage bags readily accessible for move day to get rid of any trash you might collect before and after the move, like tape, packaging or food wrappers.

Phone Chargers

Could you live without your phone for the first move day?  If not, don’t pack your charger at the bottom of a box to be lost in all of your belongings.  Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop chargers accessible, so you will always be able to communicate with others during your move.

Any Necessary Medications

This may go without saying, but if someone in your family has a serious health condition or allergy and requires medication regularly, you’ll want to put this important stuff aside immediately as not to forget about it. You should also think about aspirin for head or muscle aches.

Snacks & Beverages

Moving is no easy task and all the walking, lifting and unpacking is sure to make anyone hungry, so don’t pack away all your granola bars and fruit snacks in a box before you move.  Have these available in your car and take them in first thing when you get to your new home.  Having a cooler on hand is also a great idea for water and other drinks you may wish to offer your helpers!

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