Bridget Ingwell

WOW! After using 3 other moving companies in recent years, I had no idea that this process could actually not suck. I contacted U & Me for an estimate to move my family member’s belongings out of an assisted facility and store it for the past 6 months. They were not the cheapest, but also not out of line on price and when I questioned it they actually took the time to listen to my concerns and address them with open and honest feedback. I decided to use them for the fact alone and it was well worth the few extra dollars over the bigger companies (All My Sons, etc). I actually paid less in the long run after all of the add-ons and “extra’s” the other company charged me on my last move and I love it that they had the ability to store as well so I didn’t have to coordinate any of that. I definitely recommend!! They are a local family owned business and it really shows.