The Ultimate Checklist Of Things To Do Before, During, And After Your Move

a family moving into their new home.

Moving to a new home is a blend of excitement and stress. Excitement because it’s a fresh start, a new chapter in your life. Stress because there’s so much to do, so much to think about, and so many things that could potentially go wrong. But with the correct planning and preparation, you can make your move relatively stress-free. U&Me Moving, your trusted moving company in Florida, is here to help you navigate this journey. We’ve compiled an ultimate checklist of things to do before, during, and after your move.

Before The Move: Preparation Is Key

Start Early

There’s no better time to start when preparing for a move than now. By getting a head start, you can effectively alleviate the stress and overwhelm that often creep up as the moving date draws near. Begin by creating a comprehensive plan, identifying the necessary tasks, and allocating ample time for each step. This proactive approach will allow you to tackle the move efficiently, ensuring a smoother transition to your new place.

Research Moving Companies

Conduct thorough research on various moving companies and obtain detailed quotes. Take the time to review customer feedback and select a reputable company, such as U&Me Moving, that provides top-notch packing and moving services by trained professionals.


Take the time to carefully sift through your belongings and decide what you want to carry on your journey. Whether it’s that cozy sweater you never wear or that old gadget collecting dust, now is the perfect opportunity to declutter and simplify your life. Consider selling those items, donating them to someone who could benefit, or responsibly disposing of them, ensuring that your space is filled only with the things that genuinely bring you joy and serve a purpose. Embrace the refreshing feeling of letting go and creating space for new experiences in your life.

Pack Smart

When starting your packing process, it’s a good idea to begin with non-essential items. This way, you can gradually work your way towards packing the essentials. Be sure to label each box clearly with detailed contents and indicate the specific room it belongs to.

Change Your Address

To ensure a smooth transition during your address change, it is important to notify all the relevant parties involved. This includes banks, insurance companies, subscription services, and any other entities that may require your updated information. Additionally, remember to set up mail redirection to avoid any inconvenience and potential misdeliveries.

Sort Out Utilities

Before you move to your new place, it’s important to arrange for utilities at your current home to be disconnected and ensure a smooth transition by setting them up at your new location. Taking care of these details in advance will help you settle in without any hassle when you arrive at your new home.

During The Move: Stay Calm And Carry On

Stay Organized

When preparing for a move, keeping a well-organized binder or folder containing all your important moving documents is a great idea. This comprehensive collection should include contracts, receipts, and a master list meticulously documenting all your packed items.

Protect Valuable Items

To ensure the safety of your valuable items during travel, it is crucial to pack and account for them diligently. Carefully secure your precious jewelry, important documents like passports or legal papers, and valuable electronics such as laptops or cameras.

Supervise the Move

On the day of the move, ensure you are physically present to oversee the entire process carefully. While the skilled professionals at U&Me Moving will handle all the heavy lifting, your valuable guidance and supervision will ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

After The Move: Settle In And Make It Home

Inspect Delivered Boxes

When you arrive at your new home, take a moment to carefully inspect and verify that all your belongings have safely completed the journey in excellent condition. Ensure that nothing has been damaged or misplaced during the transition, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Unpack Strategically

When you start unpacking, prioritize the essential items you’ll need immediately. Get your cozy bedding set up for a good night’s sleep, gather those important toiletries for a refreshing shower, and remember to unpack your kitchenware essentials to whip up a delicious meal in your new space.

Update Your Drivers License

Remember to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration address promptly. It’s crucial to ensure that all your important documents reflect your current address, which helps to avoid any potential issues or delays.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

To familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood, take a walk around and explore your surroundings. Discover the convenience of essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and the local post office. This way, you’ll better understand the immediate amenities available to you in your new community.


Moving can be a manageable task if you’re well-prepared. Following this checklist allows you to manage your move effectively, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home.

Remember, U&Me Moving is here to help you every step of the way. We offer professional packing and moving services to make your move as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your move. Thanks for reading, and here’s to a happy move!