Tips For Storing Your Artwork

Art can truly transform the appearance of your space, where the walls in your home are a blank canvas for you to showcase your tastes and your personality.

Being able to identify what era a piece of art is from or the form of art is a part of being an art lover. However, knowing how to properly store your art is just as important.

Whether you’re in the midst of a move or you’re completing renovations on your home, you may find yourself using self-storage at some point. When you’re in the middle of packing up your things, you also may run into some difficulties in terms of the best way to protect your items while in storage.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the best means of properly storing your artwork.

Storing Your Artwork

Clean Your Items First

Before taking your items into storage, you’ll want to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated on the artwork. Use a soft, clean paintbrush or a piece of velvet to carefully dust the surfaces. Never use household cleaning products to wipe down the artwork, as this could significantly harm your valuables.

Cover Your Paintings and Use Padding

After you’ve cleaned your items, you’ll want to cover your paintings for some protection. Never use saran wrap to cover your paintings because moisture can get trapped inside, leading to mould.

If you’re wrapping framed pieces, wrap it up in a storage blanket and then use packing tape to seal it. Place cardboard covers on the edges of the frame and pad the back and front using cardboard and tape it together.

If you’re using unframed pieces, use a piece of silicone release paper on the front and wrap it using glassine paper. Photographs and sculptures can be stored in acid free boxes.

An important tip: never roll your artwork when keeping it in storage. Over time, this will damage your artwork and is only useful if you’re transporting your artwork for a short distance. Also, don’t stack your artwork on top of each other and it is much better if it is laid flat.

Choose The Proper Self-Storage Company

An additional tip is to choose the right storage company. For artwork, a storage unit that is climate controlled is beneficial, so that your art isn’t affected by fluctuating temperatures. In fluctuating temperatures, art can crack and canvases can become warped.

You will also want to make sure that you are storing your valuables in a safe, secure storage unit. A proper storage unit facility will have security in place to ensure that your valuables are protected. U&Me Moving offers climate controlled storage with 24-hour security systems in place.

Looking For a Storage Unit? Use U&Me Moving

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